On The Road Again…

So things have been a leeeetle bit crazy around here and it’s not likely to settle down for a while. I haven’t been crafting much and what I have been doing, I haven’t finished. Yes, my table is a mess of halfway finished projects and it’s driving me crazy. (OK fine. Crazier. Whatever.)

However. I have a Super-Crafty-Fun-Day at Archiver’s coming up on Saturday. So yay! (I promise, I’m getting to the point of this post. Eventually.) When I set up my craft room, I planned it out so could have everything easy to get to. I never planned on what to do when I went to crops, because that just wasn’t something I did. And then…I hooked up with this fantastic group of ladies and we meet up every other month at the local Archiver’s. (And when I say meet up, I mean take over the workroom & raise the roof.)

Aaaaanyway. My one big problem on the Archiver’s Saturdays is that I could never finish a card because I change my mind about 148732 times as I work on something. So I needed to figure out a way to bring a ton of embellishments with me. Without packing the whole craft room. I needed a way to make my ribbon & button storage portable. Here is my ribbon & button storage in the craft room: (By the way, I loooove this system. I’m talking giant puffy hearts and sparkles here. Really.)

Yeah, kinda hard to pack & carry this.

And the answer is:

Well, I think this will be the answer. I just put it together this week & tomorrow will be the first time I try it out. I used two compartment storage boxes like this at Amazon. Only I promise it wasn’t that expensive. I just picked them up at a craft store a while back & can’t remember how much it was.

I use the matching ribbon & buttons from Papertrey Ink for the most part. So in each compartment I have: a small bag of buttons, and 2 ft each of grosgrain ribbon, saddle stitch ribbon, satin ribbon, matching floss, and where possible matching seam binding. I figure that ought to cover just about anything I need for a project. Since I’m not a big floofy bow type person (OK, those of you who have met me can stop laughing now…) I figure 2 feet of whichever ribbon ought to be more than enough.

Now I just need to figure out which stamps I need to take with me tomorrow…

P.S. I apologize for the pictures. I was feeling lazy & was taking pictures with my phone. At night. In the basement.

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