Welcome to my craft dungeon!

About two years ago I had to move my computer into the basement temporarily. I turned around one day and looked at this:

The wheels started turning in my head. And so after lots of cleaning, stalking Craigslist for desks and a drafting table, more cleaning, dragging, sorting and still more cleaning, here is my (mostly) finished (for now) craft area.

Stick around for the tour, if you are interested!

OK, still here?
First we’ll cruise around the outside of the room: The tool shelf. My toolbox sits at the bottom of the stairs so it’s easily accessible for household fixits. These are my tools by the way, not permitted to go out to the garage and get all gunked up with who-knows-what.

Next is the sewing table. Also home to my brand new light box, as well as a catch-all basket for small holiday decorations that have yet to find homes. Underneath the table are boxes of fabrics. No, I don’t in fact sew much. Doesn’t stop me from picking up pretty fabrics. What?
The drawers are for two defective JetMax cubes that they are sending me replacement parts for.

Next up is a cabinet for sewing and floral supplies.

Shelves for general crafty things. Beads, foam, wood, etc.

My color table. Acrylic paints, ink pads, watercolors, colored pencils, giganto box of crayons. Oh come on, everyone needs some crayons.
Under the table are Christmas decorations that have yet to be put into my main Christmas storage.


Close up of the inks and Copics. Under the ink shelf are containers to hold blending sponges, reinkers, OMS. The Copics are in two of the Magpie storage units. The purple binder is my color swatch book with swatches of inks and Copics. I have some plastic storage containers behind the Copics as well.

The top Cubes are the 4-shelf cubes set up vertically. I keep my 12×12 paper here and my PTI pads. Also on the small shelves are pre-folded cards and a basket for tiny patterned paper scraps.

In the square drawers are embellishments corted by color. Plus one cube has seasonal embellishments.

The wide drawers have my felt, cork, stickles, extra adhesive, and other miscellaneous things. This drawer is my MFT embellishment drawer. Lookit all the pretties!

Ribbons hanging on the side of the cube from ribbon rings. Need a better place for these, but I haven’t figured that out yet.

6×6 paper pads in a CD tower. PTI buttons and ribbon in clear index card cases on shelves. The ribbon rolls fit in there perfectly.

Cardstock storage (8.5×11). At some point I’d like to put a lateral file in place of the cubes and black cabinet, but that’s not in the budget right now.

My cutting center.

Mini and border embossing folders:

I-top bradmaker thingy.

Embossing folders.

Nestie and other metal die storage. I cut corrugated plastic sheets and stuck magnetic sheeting to them. They fit wonderfully in some paper dividers that I didn’t use for paper any more on the shelf above my Cuttlebug.

MS and other punches in the 3-drawer cubes. Cricut on the shelf next to the desk.

More storage in carts.

Computer desk. The monitor is visible from my work area so I can watch movies while crafting. And a sweater because it is always chilly down here.

Shelf for storage of electronic & office supplies. Cables, cases, batteries, blank CDs & DVDs, printer labels, etc.

Another bookcase with alterable items and some other miscellaneous stuff. A Christmas tree to test how ornaments/garlands look. My tripod sits just a step away from the light box. Oh and a bookshelf that holds books, of all things.

Now for the center of the room:
This is the drafting table I found on Craigslist. I can adjust height as I feel like it. I could also adjust the angle too. My most used tools are right at hand. My ATG sits in the drawer from the Magpie storage unit. I kept knocking it over before I put it in the drawer. The purple bucket holds my small scissors, the black organizer holds my MFT perfect paper panels and my acrylic blocks. The file organizer holds folders where I put any works-in-progress that I want to set aside.

More Jetmax storage for stamps. Plus two MFT stamp wardrobes on top. Also the hooks on the side are where I used to keep my nesties on binder rings. I just haven’t taken them off yet, but they are coming in handy for cardstock swatches.

12×12 paper and cardstock storage.

Right next to my chair is a Jetmax stack that holds my trimmer, scor-pal, foam pads for stamping, rulers. The drawers have not-quite-as-often needed tools. On top are larger scissors and glue pens. Also more MFT perfect paper panels.

And if you are wondering about all the Christmas stuff? Well, here’s a picture of my Christmas storage on the other side of the basement. But that’s a post for another day… (But you can get a pretty good idea if you look at my photobucket album here.)

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